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RARE MICROCARS, for sale. Isetta, prewar Crosley, Heinkel Kabine


BMW Isetta 300 buble window cabriolet (for sale)

BMW Isetta 300 cabriolet, tropical vents on door

Around 50 bubble window style cabriolets BMW Isetta 300 were built. Most of these were exported to America. A few of these had the tropical door vents feature (in cars exported to South America). Of all models of BMW Isetta made, this is the most saught after by collectors.

Please note the chrome trim in the back of the roof, feature that appears only in the cabriolet.

prewar 1940-42 CROSLEY woody (for sale)

Note loovers in masque. I haven´t seen them in any other prewar Crosley. May be they were only in export models, for tropical weather, to improve engine air cooling.

There is no other prewar Crosley woody, with original wood, known. Extremely rare. Want to sell this restauration proyect. Note that wood is in excellent condition ( I recomend to preserve the original wood in ocassion of restoration ).